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These are the things that I know about Beka ‘Squirt’ Johnson:  Born in Dallas,  cheerleader in college for Hawaii (yeah, I know), truth teller, tough enough that a broken rib doesn’t stop her,  balloon lover, model for Whiskey Vintage, buff enough to not mess with her, hug giver, and a great friend to anyone that knows her.

She recently invited my husband, Paul and I to an art show she was in, at the Wit Gallery.  I’ve gotten to know her over the past couple years and she’s one of my favorite artists to support.  I started off going to her art shows while she was in school at UTA and admired her work hanging in our friends house at “Lexington Place”.  I always had my eye on this piece of hers called Chucks and never thought she would sell it.  But, when my husband and I showed up at Wit and saw it hanging on the wall, I knew instantly that it was mine.  She then told me that it was her first piece she had ever done.  I feel so special to be the owner of Chucks.

I was so excited to interview her to get to know her a little more.

Sarah Beauregard:  What kind of “art” do you do?

Beka Johnson: All of my paintings stem from a photograph or object  that I manipulate to create a more interesting composition.  A lot of these are things that I have an attraction to.  Things like popsicles, shoes, balloons, a lot of things kids enjoy, story of my life.  My photographs are a little bit of a different story. I work mostly in film and from some of my projects the love I have for people watching is made pretty clear.  I also enjoy layering photographs as I take them so the film has a ridiculous amount of images in a row, something like 100 or so.  The colors this creates are insane and make my eyes happy.

Icing on the Cake

SB:  Where can I find your artwork/photography?

BJ:  At the moment:  Facebook, Beka Johnson.  Currently, there are pieces up at the Wit GaIlery.  I am in the process of opening an art gallery/studio on 8th Ave. in Fort Worth in Butler’s Antique Mall which is a great place that has spaces behind to rent.


SB:  What is the most influential lesson you learned in your art?

BJ:  To always question myself.  There are times where I just create and do not ask myself if this is what I really want or should be a totally different color.  I have been doing this a lot lately and loving the outcome.


SB:  If you could have more of something in your life, what would it be?

BJ:  Water time.  It is where I belong and where I am the most relaxed.  It is probably good that I do not live that close to water or I may be the most unproductive person in the world.

No Number Close

What do you do to get out of your comfort zone?

BJ:  Work outside.  Reason being is I love the outdoors and attempting to keep focus when there is so much going on around me is so hard but it forces me to focus.

North Shore

SB:  Is taking art classes worth it?  Or do you think it ruins natural creativity?

BJ:  I LOVE school.  If I could be an art student all my life I would but I would also be poor so I learn from the people I surround myself with.  I think natural creativity will always be there but knowledge ignites it.


Thank you, Squirt!  My eyes and walls can’t wait for you to continue to create!

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