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Is Chivalry Dead – and Is It My Fault?

Posted by    |    February 14th, 2012 at 3:42 pm

It’s gotten to the point where I feel uncomfortable letting boys open the door for me. “Stop,” I’ll tell them, “I can do it myself.” To these boys, the few that I’ve allotted my phone number to over the years, I must sound like a five-year old hindering her father from tying her shoes, pushing him away as she fumbles through the loop it, swoop it and pull.

I have to admit; I am pretty good at tying my shoes. As a child, I excelled past Velcro-strapped sneakers, slid right on by the slip-on’s, my nimble fingers favoring lace-ups to alternative means of footwear. Doing things on my own was never a problem for me.

This includes opening doors. Perhaps Beyoncé ingrained in me the lyrics to “Me, Myself and I,” subconsciously programming me to be strong on my own, perhaps for the rest of my life. Depend on someone? No thank you. A girl has to be prepared. What if, by allowing boys to open doors for me, I lose the motor memory to open them on my own? (more…)

Valentine’s Day Is My Favorite Holiday

Posted by    |    February 9th, 2011 at 3:03 pm

Yep, it’s true. Valentine’s Day is my absolute favorite of the year.  More than Christmas, Thanksgiving, Halloween, and Easter combined. Men I’ve dated in the past were informed upfront so they had all the facts before deciding whether to proceed into a relationship with me.  I’d like to think I’m low maintenance in most areas, but not in this one.  I have high expectations for Valentine’s Day, and if Peter Welty in my second grade class hadn’t given me his mother’s diamond bracelet at our class V-Day party, perhaps things would be different.  He started my love affair with the day of all things romance, and it didn’t even matter that my Mom made me return the bracelet he’d stolen from his mom’s jewelry box. It was the thought that counted.

So, for all of you romance-challenged ladies and gentlemen out there, I have a few easy suggestions for making a holiday that most people despise one of enjoyment. (more…)

Cupid must be in the market for arrows

Posted by    |    February 1st, 2011 at 11:21 am

The time between Valentine’s Day and New Years is roughly eleven months worth of time allotted to procure a date for holidays marked by kissing and hand holding. Those months are usually filled with hope that after years and years of thinking next will be the year that I date someone long enough to spend the holidays together that this will be the year.

This is not the year.

Today is February 1st, which means there are approximately an unlucky 13 days before the worst day of the year. The once-yearly, red-and-pink helium-filled-balloon, box-of-Godiva-chocolates, sold-out-of-everything-at-dr-delphinium, Amazon-rainforest-stripped-of-its-unique-flowers, stuffed-animals-singing-“Wild Thing” Valentines Day.

I will spend the majority of the day averting my eyes from all things heart-shaped, avoiding all restaurant venues as well as my Netflix queue, and indulging in multiple bottles of champagne (the rooms and I have knowingly been saving up for the occasion). And you know what. I’m actually excited about it.

Single girls, hold your champagne bottles high. To every holiday invented by Hallmark, there is an open bar ready to start your tab.