Apologizing Means You Value Your Relationship More Than Your Ego…

Posted by    |    September 19th, 2011 at 11:15 am

Why is it so hard to say “I’m sorry’?  Two simple words, but they carry more weight than obese model Susanne Eman. I don’t know why we struggle with it so much, but it starts from the time we are small when we take something that doesn’t belong to us or we hit some other kid.  Our parents beseech us to to apologize (or encourage it with a wooden spoon, a switch from the backyard, or a taut leather belt,) but we still want to put up our defenses and ignore our wrong.  Or perhaps we haven’t actually done the deed with which we are accused, but it would squash the matter nonetheless if we would just ante up and say “sorry”.  I can only surmise that the blame for blamelessness falls squarely on ego.  Who wants to look weak, wrong, or repentant?  We want to hold all the power, and saying “sorry” is like saying we are waving a white flag forever.  When it comes to relationships, though, we’re almost always better off being the first to say it than to wait it out like a stubborn sea captain.  After all, how many of our arguments will even be on our minds and radars five years from now?  From personal experience, I’d say slim to none.

If you haven’t seen Table 7 by Texan filmmaker Marko Slavnić (by way of Bosnia, that is,) you need to give this fun and heart-warming short film five minutes of your time.  As we watch a couple on the brink of destruction, Slavnic shows us how a simple apology may be all we need.

Hilary Kennedy is a contributing author for www.youplusdallas.com, focusing primarily on Style, Arts and Entertainment, and Dating and Relationships.  Hilary also stars in many videos for YouPlusMedia and has her own show, The Hilary Kennedy Show.

Hilary Kennedy is a contributing author for YouPlusDallas focusing primarily on Style, Arts and Entertainment, and Dating and Relationships. Hilary also stars in many videos for YouPlusDallas and has her own show, The Hilary Kennedy Show.

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