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CEOlink Event Spotlights TopGolf’s Recent Relocation and Expansion in Texas

Tuesday, May 28th, 2013


ceolink - spotlight event - topgolf

Last Wednesday, CEOlink, a member based organization that acts as a welcome committee for CEOs that have relocated to Texas, hosted one of their Relocation Spotlight Events at TopGolf, shedding light on the recent relocation of the company’s headquarters from Chicago to DFW as well as their plans for expansion in Texas, which will include a new North Texas venue in The Colony.

ceolink - spotlight event - topgolf - ed curtis

CEOlink Founder, Ed Curtis

Past Relocation Events have put the spotlight on recent CEO transplants, including NYLO Hotel’s Michael Mueller with an event held in the lobby of South Side’s new urban, boutique hotel. The goal of each event is to help build an established network of Dallas CEOs, a space where CEOs can mingle comfortably with their peers, and a welcoming environment that goes above and beyond just ‘Here’s Dallas.’

Last week’s Relocation Event held in the Signature Room of TopGolf Dallas on Park Lane had a more laid back feel, offering attendees a catered dinner and the opportunity to play a few (competitive) rounds of TopGolf after the discussion. The evening was so laid back in fact, that after CDO Randy Starr and CEO Tom Leverton discussed TopGolf’s recent headquarters change and expansion in Texas, CEOlink founder Ed Curtis opened the floor for an open discussion.


Preservation Dallas Achievement Awards Honors Sixth Floor Museum

Thursday, May 16th, 2013

Wednesday evening, guests and honorees gathered in the Dallas City Performance Hall as Preservation Dallas recognized some outstanding developments of Dallas’ historic buildings and places and honored those who have contributed to our city’s history. In a city with 20 historic districts, 16 conservation districts, 123 individual landmarks, and 3 nationally significant landmarks, it was an exciting night for those involved.

Screen shot 2013-05-16 at 12.34.43 PM

Mayor Mike Rawlings kicked off the evening by proclaiming the month of May as National Preservation Month in Dallas.


CEOlink Welcomes CEOs to DFW and Spotlights South Side

Friday, February 15th, 2013

Imagine this: you’re a CEO who has recently relocated or expanded your business to DFW, and you don’t know a soul. Okay, maybe one soul, but that’s not enough to get you fully plugged in to the corporate scene. You have to start from the ground up, meet well-connected and established CEOs and businessmen and women who have lived there for years and hope to make some connections. That’s what Matthews Southwest CEO Jack Matthews had to do when he relocated from Canada to Dallas in March of 1994.

Then imagine this:  you’re a CEO who has recently relocated or expanded your business to DFW, and you don’t know a soul. So you join CEOlink, a group of DFW private sector leaders and influencers who welcome you into their network of like-minded people. Their mission: to work collectively with those who helped build it and those who will be a part of its ongoing legacy. Sounds a little easier, right?

ed curtis enroute


TiVo Launches an Internship Program for Veterans

Thursday, August 16th, 2012
Most people think executives of publicly traded corporations only worry about the quarter, the year, and the stock price.  We rarely see the “other side” of the C Suite.  In TiVo’s case, the top brass down to the staff level joined together to create a special internship program specifically targeted at our veterans.
Today, The Wall Street Journal posted an article written by TiVo CEO Tom Rogers and TiVo lead director and Viet Nam veteran, Tom Wolzien.  Take a moment to read, reflect and ask this question.  What if our company implemented an internship program for veterans?  We hope that business leaders read, reflect on the TiVo initiative and others like it around the country, and answer the call to hire our veterans.

TiVo’s Fix For Jobless Veterans

Many companies have college interns. Why not for men and women back from combat?


They are everywhere, but we don’t usually see them—the nearly 300,000 of the 2.4 million veterans of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan who are without work. That’s a 12% unemployment rate, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. As a veteran recently told us, “It’s like people say, ‘Thank you for your service . . . but don’t ask me for a job.'”

They deserve better. So this past spring at TiVo we filled a conference room with veterans on staff and said, “We’re not doing enough for people getting out of the military. Figure it out.” Those veterans of wars going back to Vietnam took 90 minutes to conceive and design a paid annual internship program for women and men just getting out of the military, or who have recently finished school after service.

The TiVo Summer Veterans Intern Program (TiVets) is based on two ideas. First: Since we have internships for college students, why not vets? Second, a résumé credential “buffer,” such as the internship, answers the critical question of whether a veteran can successfully transition to civilian employment.

We match each veteran with two mentors, one of them a veteran. The mentors, along with a college intern, keep tabs on the performance of the vets, and on any other issues that might arise. There haven’t been any.

Working with military bases and veterans groups near Silicon Valley, TiVo developed a list of more than 200 potential candidates for internships. Ten vets were eventually selected. Then our engineering and operations division connected the interns with the right positions. The first class of interns started in June.

We went into the experiment not expecting to hire any of the interns, but we will be hiring a number of them, and the line managers want to hire many more when positions become available.

The veterans adapted quickly to our corporate culture and in some cases brought military-type accountability to operations that had never looked to adopt that sort of discipline. They have proven their abilities and shown dedication and commitment. Those hired won’t need an extensive amount of time for training, as is necessary for most new employees.

A number of other companies do make efforts to support veterans, but unfortunately the current job market isn’t yielding a great deal of hiring. Yet an internship program like TiVo’s costs companies very little. It is the commitment to making it work that truly matters, giving a veteran that first step into the private sector that could lead to permanent employment.

Our first class of veteran interns included people who have traumatic brain injuries from improvised explosive devices and other physical disabilities. Some disclosed having low-level post-traumatic stress disorder. This is unsurprising: 25% of vets from the post-9/11 era are disabled, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Yet the disabilities have not been a factor in the performance of our interns.

The interns themselves tell us that the program means a great deal to them. Many have experienced being turned down repeatedly for positions because their formal education didn’t match the rigid “check-the-box” approach of most companies, and they had no private-sector experience to offer. There is rarely a place on an application to talk about managing millions of dollars of equipment and dozens of people—or making crucial judgments under the pressure of conditions never experienced in the civilian workplace. These experiences matter to our company.

The most touching story we’ve heard came from a vet who came home from deployment in Afghanistan and was discharged last Christmas. She had never looked for a job and had no idea where to start. The Army was her career. She was, she said, at the end of her rope when the TiVo internship opportunity came along. Now her confidence is back and she knows how to talk the talk of Silicon Valley—she’s not speaking “military” anymore.

America has asked many men and women to protect the country while making huge sacrifices along the way. But when their military careers wrap up, they are often not trained adequately to change careers, and too few companies are making use of the tremendous life skills developed during combat tours.

We didn’t know what to expect from this program, so it is easy to say that it exceeded expectations. As our first class nears completion, we intend to maintain this program and certainly hope other companies will try their own versions. The veteran-intern program has done far more for both the veterans and TiVo than we ever expected.

Mr. Rogers is the CEO of TiVo Inc. Mr. Wolzien, a Vietnam veteran, is the lead independent director of TiVo’s board of directors.

An Example of a Very Good Branding Video

Sunday, July 15th, 2012

Director / Editor Eliot Rausch of this great branding video for Vans is one of our favorite content creators.  Rausch’s talent translated to trust and with that trust came the creative freedom that translated to a really fine branding profile of Vans.

Rausch said, “Vans came to me with a proposal to create a short film that embodied the essence of their brand. The creative exploration and freedom they allowed me was unlike anything I had ever experienced. Pure trust, pure faith, in my abilities as a story-teller / director and as a friend. In creating this piece, it was profound to realize the success of their company, at its core, is based on a similar model they share with everyone they work with. To feel part of a brand, part of a family, part of an authentic creative expression, truly moved me to my core.”

To read about how this was shot on the Red Epic using Canon Lenses go to

The Hotel You Own is Freakin’ Awesome

Friday, July 29th, 2011

The opening day is 11-11-11, some 106 days away, and the place is a dusty construction site crawling with hardhats and tool belts. But it is already AMAZING. Jack “I Spilled Stuff on My New Shirt” Bradshaw and Jeff “I Wore a Sports Jacket and I’m Sweating My Butt Off” Hinson joined me for a tour of the new Omni Convention Center Hotel today, and all we can say is … Wow. Everything about the 1,001-room hotel — owned by the good citizens of Dallas, by the way — is impressive. The interior design is unexpectedly elaborate, woodsy, and detailed. It is Silver LEED Certified for eco-friendliness and so high tech it hurts. The rooms are sumptuous and artsy. And it will definitely boast the coolest sports bar downtown Dallas has ever seen, The Owner’s Box.

Our tour guides were Ed Netzhammer, Regional Senior VP for Omni who is the Gen. Patton of this project (and Managing Director of the new hotel), and Nils Stolzlechner, a handsome Austrian who will be the Omni’s general manager. Both men ooze competence and enthusiasm, noting every minute improvement, and shaking their heads over the tiniest flaw they find. The $500 million hotel is being developed by Matthews Southwest and is right on schedule for its November debut. Get ready to be dazzled.

New Year’s Resolution

Friday, January 7th, 2011

“Each of us will one day be judged by our standard of life – not by our standard of living; by our measure of giving – not by our measure of wealth; by our simple goodness – not by our seeming greatness.”   William Arthur Ward

Putting these words into practice is not so easy, but we believe You+Dallas and its video storytelling enable our company to deliver messages, connect people, and positively change lives.  Our challenge is to convert these words into actions. (more…)

Map it

Tuesday, December 21st, 2010

Not that I am getting married anytime soon, because I am most definitely not, but I think this is pretty much the cutest thing ever. And in the holiday spirit, I may get over my Scrooge-like singleness by daydreaming about Merry Maps, which are about as jolly as Kris Kringle having just been told that fitting down the chimney is optional this year.

Daley Harris, founder of Merry Maps, has created a fun business in the art of bringing people together for events. “I started [Merry Maps] when my sister got married a year and a half ago,” she says of her hand-drawn company. “[I received] requests from friends to do it for their weddings, and it kind of grew from there.” Though stationed in Dallas, 80% of her business is not local. She has clients from “London to South America” and across the globe.

Daley has always owned a passion for creativity, and a wild trick-of-the-hand talent. “I call it party calligraphy,” she says of her fun hand-drawn font. Each map is unique and created specifically for the individual client. She creates maps for weddings, save the dates, announcements, directions to ranches and lake houses, and more. Contact Daley for your merriment here.


Friday, November 12th, 2010

You probably have a lot of hang-ups about riding DART. Don’t worry, I did too. My freshman year of college I had a pretty interesting experience attempting to get to DFW airport via the rail, then the bus, only to end up in rando-ville nowherestown needing my friend’s aunt to come rescue me from wherever it was I had ended up. My experience may be extreme, as I have a pretty poor sense of direction. Even my GPS will tell you that I’ve been known to “turn left” when clearly instructed to do the opposite. (more…)

The Royal Treatment

Thursday, October 28th, 2010

On October 29th, fifteen amazing women will be honored at the 18th Legacy of Women Awards luncheon. These women all play lead roles in our community as artists, business owners, educators, community leaders, and more. It is because of these women that the Dallas/Fort Worth community is strong.

The luncheon will be put on by SafeHaven of Tarrant County, a nonprofit organization that strives to end family violence. With emergency shelters in Arlington and Forth Worth, they currently shelter 174 women and children, making them one of the largest shelters in Texas.

The Omni Hotel in Downtown Fort Worth will house the luncheon. While honoring these women is powerful and exciting, an important guest will also be in attendance: the Keynote Speaker is The Royal Chef Darren McGrady, former chef to Princess Diana and Queen Elizabeth (so cool!). The deservedly royal treatment for such wonderful women. Congratulations to those who will be honored this Friday.