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Young Frankenstein at The Winspear Opera House

Posted by    |    January 21st, 2011 at 4:52 pm

If Blazing Saddles is one of your favorite movies, and there’s only one man who would ever dare give you the raspberry, Young Frankenstein, now playing at The Winspear Opera House, is for you. The stage adaptation of Mel Brooks’ 1974 movie strategically weaves current events and pop culture references into the plot line and, the voices of Janine Divita, playing the role of Elizabeth, and Christopher Ryan, playing the role of Frankenstein, are tremendous. Synthia Link, the busty Inga’s, accent whilst singing was a little lacking, but her energy was electric. I totally recommend this show for a fun evening Downtown. However; the lights in Transylvania are quite bright and flash frequently, so if you are epileptic, pass this up and just wait for Billy Elliot. Young Frankenstein will close this Sunday, January 23.