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SXSW Interactive: The Nutshell Version

Posted by    |    March 12th, 2011 at 10:49 am

With the advent of new technology, face-to-face interaction has taken a stretch limo backseat to communicating solely via the digital abyss that is the Internet. So what happens when you shove a bunch of social media nerds into a convention center, and force them to speak with their voices instead of keypads? Surprisingly, they still have the ability to interact, but not without the aid of a smart phone in hand. Every fifth sentence pauses for a tweet-break.

This is SXSW Interactive. A conference where most attendees have their own personal Wikipedia page.

An interesting aspect about people who earn their dollars by tweeting their blog content to the masses? No one knows what he or she looks like. It’s a conference full of visually anonymous rock stars who are undercover, until you hear someone pair a handshake with a “Hi, I’m Pete Cashmore.”

All Internet jokes aside, YouPlusDallas is having a stellar time learning new ways navigate social media, marketing, journalism and film. We’re pumping up our Internet know-how to bring you a user experience that is as up to date as the iPad 2. Or is it 3? See, we’re already way ahead of the new media game.