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Happy Halloween from Kate Nash + Her New Halloween Themed Video for “Fri-end?”

Posted by    |    October 31st, 2012 at 2:43 pm

Isn’t Kate Nash the cutest? I’ve been obsessed with this adorable Brit’s piano-driven pop melodies since I first heard “Pumpkin Soup” a few years back. My holiday was officially made when I received a little Halloween greeting from Miss Nash herself (or at least her publicist) wearing a tomato costume and a link to her new song “Fri-end?” which she has confirmed is the correct spelling on her twitter (“p.s new song title is actually Fri-end? with a question mark at the end & said slow cause like you know they are totally not your friend”). You said it sista.

kate nash tomato costume

The title ain’t no Monster Mash, but the video is very Halloween-y… so enjoy! Also, feel free to get addicted to her amazing blog.

Happy Halloween! May you eat all the candy you desire and avoid those pesky Almond Joys.

“Take this Lollipop”: A Funny Yet A Real Potential Threat In Today’s World

Posted by    |    October 25th, 2011 at 3:20 pm

The Internet is an open form that allows anyone and everyone to access information from sites dedicated to all areas of interest.

However, there are ways of “hiding” information from those outside our social groups.

Facebook, Twitter, and many other social media and blog sites provide users with an option to allow their sites to be viewed privately or publicly.

Despite what many people may think, privacy settings online don’t necessarily ensure you full privacy from the public.

There are ways that the private information you post on the Internet could still be reached by other Internet users. Not only could they find out your friends names, but your location, phone number, and some times bank information.

Nothing is really ever private with concern to the World Wide Web.

Take This Lollipop…for example.

Watch this video and see how information posted on social sites could easily fall into the hands of someone with bad intentions. (And, also, enjoy the reaction from Anthony while he watches. Good stuff.)

Regardless of how public or private you make your content; everything you post will forever be on the Internet, whether you like it or not. Unfortunately, that is a reality we all have to face in today’s technological world.

Word to the wise: If it’s information that you wouldn’t want your mom knowing, it’s best not to publish it online for chance it might just come back to haunt you in the future.

SXSW Interactive: The Nutshell Version

Posted by    |    March 12th, 2011 at 10:49 am

With the advent of new technology, face-to-face interaction has taken a stretch limo backseat to communicating solely via the digital abyss that is the Internet. So what happens when you shove a bunch of social media nerds into a convention center, and force them to speak with their voices instead of keypads? Surprisingly, they still have the ability to interact, but not without the aid of a smart phone in hand. Every fifth sentence pauses for a tweet-break.

This is SXSW Interactive. A conference where most attendees have their own personal Wikipedia page.

An interesting aspect about people who earn their dollars by tweeting their blog content to the masses? No one knows what he or she looks like. It’s a conference full of visually anonymous rock stars who are undercover, until you hear someone pair a handshake with a “Hi, I’m Pete Cashmore.”

All Internet jokes aside, YouPlusDallas is having a stellar time learning new ways navigate social media, marketing, journalism and film. We’re pumping up our Internet know-how to bring you a user experience that is as up to date as the iPad 2. Or is it 3? See, we’re already way ahead of the new media game.

Alternative playlist generation

Posted by    |    February 15th, 2011 at 1:26 am

It is not because I become unnecessarily giddy when Hillshire Farms commercials appear on the box in my living room, or because AdAge and AdFreak are part of my Twitter community, do I advocate the art of Advertising.  It is because only when brands like Nivea and Zales find the right tune to back their message is a spot elevated to the next level – the Google level, if you will. At the Google level, crazed Gen-Y-ers frantically type in as many search terms as their brains can rally to find that catchy song intermittently playing commercial breaks between The Office and 30 Rock.

Parachute the band – not the life saving device – opened for the Plain White T’s at House of Blues Dallas on February 13, as the audience made sure to DVR the 53rd GRAMMY Awards before leaving the house. Having recently graduated from UVA in 2008, the multi-talented artists have been friends for a number of years. Switching from one instrument to the other, bandmates Will Anderson and Kit French remind me that while Justin Bieber has a cool story, he’s not the only talented kid with a guitar and a video camera. (more…)