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Valentine’s Day Playlist

Posted by    |    February 10th, 2012 at 4:51 pm

Falling in love is never accompanied without a soundtrack. It’s the times when you are driving alone in your car, thinking about that certain someone, listening to Rihanna’s lyrics, wondering if you, too, have found love in a hopeless place.

Valentine’s Day is approaching, making citizens of the United States, and those who stream Hallmark commercials online, feel the need to be falling in love with someone; a significant other, a dog, a pint of Ben & Jerry’s. We’re all looking for any lyrics that can be manipulated to fit the current goings on in our life stories.

Here’s a Valentine’s Day Playlist that will get your heart pumping and your brain thinking thoughts of love, or at least, lust.

1. “Mercy” – Matt Nathanson. Nathanson’s songs are always pulsating with sexually-charged lyrics, and “Mercy” lands within these boundaries. This time, he wants “a real love/ to let me in”. And then, of course, that love should let him between the sheets. At least he wanted to be in love first. (more…)