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Album Review: Burning Hotels

Posted by    |    August 30th, 2011 at 1:41 pm

Remember how excited we were after the Burning Hotels CD release party at Dada? We essentially had one of the greatest nights of our lives, made even better when Chance Morgan handed us a copy of his band’s latest self-titled album, released today on iTunes. We spent the weekend with it on repeat, and you’re about to do the same.

The eight track album is a rush of 80’s new wave, featuring cool, happy tracks like “Beard” bearing dance-infused choruses making it impossible to not shake your shoulders. Their sound is a consistent follow-up to 2010 album Novels with chill, catchy hum-along songs you’ll sing without really knowing what you’re saying.

“Shattered visions of what we had/Those days are gone” sing Morgan and Mooty on “Days Are Gone,” a lament on an invulnerable youth run dry. Track “Allison” could be the opener of a John Hughes film, Molly Ringwald dancing in her room as she gets ready for prom, dressed in a John Galliano poofy enough to mask the flask fastened to her thigh. (more…)