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The Texas State Fair Starts this Weekend and Big Tex Returns!

Posted by    |    September 25th, 2013 at 12:10 pm


It’s that time of year again people, Texas State Fair time! Yes the fried food, fair rides and entertainment is back to make us full and happy again. But this weekend doesn’t just mark the beginning of the 2013 Texas State Fair, it also marks the return of our beloved Big Tex! Since his untimely (but not ultimate) demise last October Texas State Fair officials have been working tirelessly to return Big Tex to his rightful place at the front of the fair, greeting visitors with a howdy and that endearingly creepy smile.

This Friday, September 27th, Big Tex will be reintroduced to the world and all will be right with the Texas State Fair as we stroll through the attractions munching on deep fried chocolate chip burritos (yes everyone that’s a new item on the State Fair food list, prepare yourself). Also don’t miss the Opening Day Parade going on at noon that day. Here you can enjoy drill teams,  colorful floats and all types of parade stuff to get you into the fair going spirit.