Robyn: a 90s Throwback

Posted by    |    June 25th, 2012 at 11:29 am

Robyn at American Airlines Center

I was waiting patiently in my seat at American Airlines for Coldplay to come on stage and rock my world forever, when I was struck by the voice of the very Swedish opening act, Robyn. Yes, I knew her most current hit, Dancing On My Own, but all I could think about was the song my mom and I would listen to on the radio as she chauffeured my seven-year-old self around.

Robyn, a Swedish pop star with the most wild hair cut I have ever seen, released her first album in 1996 (I was 6) and on that record was one of the most memorable and karaoke-able songs of my childhood: ‘Show Me Love’.


LMFAO: Surprisingly Awesome

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This past weekend, I unexpectedly found myself at the LMFAO concert, and in pretty baller fashion I might add. A friend of mine used to be a hostess in one of the suites at American Airlines and scored us free tickets to see the uncle/nephew duo. Before I continue, can we address the fact that the guy with the afro is the other guy’s UNCLE? And that they changed their names to Redfoo (the older guy) and Skyblu? I’d love to witness a Thanksgiving at that household.

Getting Our 'Party Rock' On

But regardless, I’m thankful that this serendipitous opportunity flew into my lap, because this was quite possibly one of my favorite concerts of all time. I’m just as surprised as anyone. I enjoyed “I’m in Miami B****” just as much if not more than the next person, but I really did not expect to have as good a time at this thing as I did.

These guys clearly have a lot of charisma (must run in the fam) and a lot of money to spend, and they definitely milked it. Also, apparently their dad/grandfather is this music mogul named Berry Gordy, founder of Motown record label, so that probably didn’t hurt their chances of shooting to fame. Fun fact: their original name was going to be “Sexe Dude” but Skyblu’s GRANDMOTHER told them to change it. I seriously was not kidding when I said I wanted to witness a Gordy family get-together.


NKOTBSB and the Review that Almost Never Was

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I’ve spent the better part of a year practically living in music venues in the city of Dallas – it is largely a part of my job – but also something I love to do. Music is my air, and as I live I shall continue to breathe, so naturally, I do attend plenty of live shows that I don’t write about, for the sake of my own personal enjoyment.

This is what I had set out to do last night at the American Airlines Center for NKOTBSB. I bought my own ticket and was looking forward to a night with my girlfriends. I wasn’t planning on covering this concert so much as I was planning on reliving my days as a fifth grader, when, in my mary jane shoes and oversized head bows, I listened to the Backstreet Boys on tape (yes, tape).

I didn’t book a photographer to come with me, my personal point-and-shoot was recently stolen and the only photo I have from the event is an unfit, pixelated, grainy-looking blue and purple image taken with my cellular device. So, dear reader, you will have to rely on my words.

(Update 6.30.11 Our friends at the Observer came prepared with a camera.)

I didn’t even have a notebook with me, so I’m typing out the 30 text messages I sent to myself over the course of the evening.

Despite my attempts to leave this concert documented only in the vaults of my memory bank, for the sake of my generation, this concert deserves a review. (more…)

Linkin Park at American Airlines Center – When cancellations work in your favor

Posted by    |    March 3rd, 2011 at 6:18 pm

I’m not saying he’s not a man’s man, but Chester Bennington used to drive a sparkly PT Cruiser. I know this because he used to live next door to my good friend, and he did not utilize his parking garage. But perhaps he doesn’t need a fancy SUV; he has the grandeur of a world tour, and an arena full of cheering fans that live for the sensation that is Linkin Park.

A show postponed by a bout of illness, the size of the audience at American Airlines Center has not been thwarted. “You ready to have some fun?” Chester asks the crowd. As the band opens with “Faint,” his vocals prove to be a bit ahead of the beat, but unharmed, nonetheless. (more…)

Linkin Park at The American Airlines Center

Posted by    |    March 3rd, 2011 at 4:48 pm

After having to reschedule an original date due to illness, Linkin Park played the American Airlines Center in Dallas, Texas on 03.02.2011 to a very receptive, near capacity crowd.

Chester Bennington at the American Airlines Center