‘Dallas’ Premieres at Texas Theatre

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Texas Theatre

When I told my mother I was going to the premiere of Dallas she expressed her jealousy via text and told me in all caps (I always assume people are yelling at me when they type in all caps) that she “LOVED THE 1980s SERIES.” It was a Friday night staple. She claimed people even stayed home to watch it. Staying home on a Friday night to watch TV? And they think our generation has an issue.

So I grabbed a friend, whose mother literally screamed with excitement through the phone at the mere mention of Dallas, and headed to the historic Texas Theatre. Needless to say our expectations were out the roof after the all-caps texts and screams from our mothers, and perhaps those expectations were a little too high. Dallas, while not a bad show, in no way rose to the hype.

The premiere, on the other hand, was a great time. The Texas Theatre was very cool and I learned that it was where Lee Harvey Oswald was arrested. I am always appreciative of a little history lesson. It reminded me a lot of the Inwood Theatre with its cool lobby, bar and vintage artwork. The small theatre was packed to capacity with local Dallasites who cheered and laughed throughout the two-hour premiere like they were tweens at the premiere of a Twilight movie. They applauded the entrance of almost every character and laughed appropriately at two characters’ ridiculous rendezvous in the center of the Dallas Cowboys Stadium. It’s like the writers said, “You know that big star in the middle of the football stadium? Let’s stick some actors in the middle of there for no reason at all!”

J.R. Ewing, played by Larry Hagman, received the most applause and laughter by far, but he will always be Tony from I Dream of Jeannie to me. Just as Patrick Duffy, who plays Bobby Ewing, will always be the dad from Step by Step and Linda Gray, who plays Sue Ellen, will always be the attractive host from TV Land. According to my mom, “Sue Ellen is a lot smarter in this version. She was a dumbbell in the old one.” I’ll take her word for it.

Josh Henderson, Jesse Metcalfe, Jordana Brewster and Julie Gonzalo were all exceptionally good looking people, but overall the show seemed a little forced. When the Dallas that my mother knew and loved was on television, it was original and appealed to a wide audience. The new Dallas lacks that originality by virtue of being a revival and has so many other soap opera-like shows to compete with. I think it tried a little too hard to rise to the occasion.

Will I watch Dallas? Definitely. It may not be the greatest show on television, but it’s summer time and I am always down to watch something scandalous especially if its in my city. Like my mom said, “Good luck to the Ewings this go-round.”

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