Robert Wilonsky, Editor of Unfair Park and YouPlusDallas Hero, to Leave Dallas Observer

Posted by    |    February 23rd, 2012 at 4:25 pm

We freakin’ love Dallas Observer, no matter how snarky they may be. In fact, their snark is probably our favorite thing about them. Well, our second favorite thing that will soon forcedly become our favorite thing because our number one favorite thing has decided, that after a glorious twenty years of snark, he will be leaving Dallas’ Village Voice publication for something a little more refined. Robert Wilonsky, Editor of Unfair Park, is saying adios to his comfortable, broken-in home at the Observer for a classy gig at Dallas Morning News. His last day will be Friday, March 2.

While we understand that this is a very exciting career move, the YouPlusDallas team is wicked sad to see him go. After all, he was the first to note when our website appeared in the interwebs in June 2010, referring to us as the “YouTube of Dallas”. He’s helped our fledgling little start up company gain a significant (read: massive) amount of page views for our super cool (if we do say so ourselves, and we do) videos. He even spells “YouPlusDallas” correctly. Wilonsky has embedded many a YPD video on his blog, including our recent Valentine’s Day short film, which he so kindly described as having a Woody Allen likeness, and our Downtown Dallas Tunnels video, which he lovingly dubbed as a “Horror Story”. So, maybe he’s hot and cold with our topics of choice, but that seems to be the very essence of snark. Let’s take a look back at some of the love we’ve received from a truly talented, informative and persuasive man over the years.

A Brief Chronology of Wilonsky Snarkisms (click the link to read his take on our videos):

We filmed this video for (PARK)ing Day Dallas last September, and we really enjoyed the event. Who doesn’t like skipping work on a Friday to chillax in the sunshine? Except it turns out no one really cared about the event as much as we did. Meh; win some, make a free video and lose some.

This past summer was hotter than standing on burning coals in Hell mid-July. So we recruited CW33 Meteorologist Rebecca Miller to explain what was happening in our atmosphere. She gave her weather prediction. Wilonsky gave his opinion. The people of Dallas had a field day in the comments section.

Last year, we filmed a Dallas Mavericks NBA Championship parade tribute video so beautiful, Wilonsky shed tears. It’s true.

Mr. Robert Wilonsky, we are sad to see you go, but excited for you and your outstanding new career. Thank you for your kind(ish) words and best of luck to you at DMN. Highest hopes for a snark clause added to your contract.

For more of Wilonsky’s take on YouPlusDallas videos, check ‘em out here.

Laura Stillo is the Arts & Entertainment Writer and Creative Social Media Producer for YouPlusDallas. Follow her on Twitter at @laurastillo.

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