The Dallas International Film Festival: Sparking Imagination

Posted by    |    April 4th, 2011 at 12:23 pm

With four days down of our city’s premiere film extravaganza, I have to say that this year is even bigger and better than in the past.  If you haven’t been out to see one of the 150+ films at the festival in the past several days, I encourage you to take this week to see at least one.  Why?  Because it’s fun. And it’s one way to support the growing arts movement in our city.

While interviewing local, national, and international filmmakers on the red carpet, the one question I really wanted to know was, “Why is it important for Dallas to have an international film festival?”  The answers were varied, but one common theme was that our city is already known for it’s sports,  food, and beautiful women….why not all the talented creatives?  The film and television scene here has exploded, with many films cast and shot in our own backyard receiving acclaim at SXSW and Sundance. As someone who began my career working in independant film (and consequently met my special someone while shooting one,) nothing can compare to being in the trenches working on a project that has more blood, sweat, and tears than it does dollars.

Attending this festival is inspiring for so many reasons-you see your peers creating their masterpieces for the big screen. You get to meet tongue-in-cheek geniuses like Morgan Spurlock and find out his inspirations for films like “Pom Wonderful Presents: “The Greatest Movie Ever Sold “, and get ideas for your own documentary.  You see films like “In the Land of Fireworks“, based on real life experiences, packed with raw emotion and powerful performances.  With several days left until the grand Dallas Film Society Awards on Friday night, I encourage you to check out the next red carpet and film screening, and attend a panel discussion.  Sometimes, all the imagination needs is a jump start to spur you on to greatness, and this just might be what yours needs.

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