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Friday, November 12th, 2010

You probably have a lot of hang-ups about riding DART. Don’t worry, I did too. My freshman year of college I had a pretty interesting experience attempting to get to DFW airport via the rail, then the bus, only to end up in rando-ville nowherestown needing my friend’s aunt to come rescue me from wherever it was I had ended up. My experience may be extreme, as I have a pretty poor sense of direction. Even my GPS will tell you that I’ve been known to “turn left” when clearly instructed to do the opposite. (more…)

Kerosene on Your Creative Fire

Thursday, November 11th, 2010

You+Dallas is crawling with right-brainers, so we’re big fans of creativity wherever we find it. Last week our friend and photographer extraordinaire Robert Latorre of Big Fish Films invited us out to see his latest image wizardry … the Big Freeze 3D. This involves dozens of Nikon cameras set in a semicircle snapping pictures just fractions of seconds apart. The result is a frozen frame of total coolness that shows you detail and perspective you would never see otherwise. To show us what the Big Freeze could do, Robert hired motorcycle riders, flamenco dancers, and of course, fire breathers. These guys got all fired up and then spit mouthfuls of liquid parafin into the flame. The result was dazzling.

Gov. Slaughter: “If Called, I Will Serve”

Tuesday, November 2nd, 2010

Election night brought all sorts of surprises: while Republicans swept the major races, the biggest winner was booze, with beer & wine sales propositions passing in Dallas, Addison, University Park, Lancaster, and beyond. With an economy this rough, government should never stand between a man and his whiskey. Still, the biggest headline was in the Texas governor’s race, in a story that has been shockingly ignored by local media: the heroic third place finish by one Reid Slaughter.

I learned of my good fortune late this afternoon, when You+Dallas staffers returned from the polls and announced that they had written in my name for Texas Governor. I could certainly understand the decision: disenfranchised, hungry for new leadership, and anxious to receive a raise of any kind, these idealistic young journalists and filmmakers turned to the one they believe can lead our state to the Promised Land … or perhaps give them a better parking space. So, if Rick Perry [2,658,000 votes] or Bill White [1,977,000 votes] cannot serve for any reason (accidents happen!), then yours truly [4 votes, possibly 5 if the brown-nosing freelancer actually wrote me in] will move into the Governor’s Mansion, order one of those cool reclining massage chairs with a Lone Star seal on it, and govern us to prosperity. Applications for my cabinet of advisors begins now.