Published September 24, 2010 by Sharon Lyle

TEDxSMU is all about ideas. TED’s mission is “ideas worth spreading,” and it’s also a central focus of our TEDxSMU mission. We spend a lot of time thinking about how the ideas of the speakers and presenters play off of each other and relate in unexpected ways. We’re involved with the first-ever Dallas Idea Week this year. In many ways, brokering idea exchange is the DNA of what we do. Lately, I’ve spent some time thinking about the value of ideas. Ideas are great, but there’s got to be some action that comes out of the idea, or…well, nothing will ever happen. It’s an issue we are particularly focused on this year (both as a conference and as an entity). Over the next several months, we’re working on a number of initiatives that will start to address how we translate ideas into action. This platform through YouPlusDallas is one of those – and a great way for our community to engage with us and with each other to talk about the ideas that you think have the most merit and deserve attention. My hope for the YouPlusDallas/TEDxSMU site is that it becomes a hub for community-based discussion around taking the topics our speakers address at the annual conference and events, and translating those into local action. Not to be too cliché, but it’s the quintessential “think global; act local.” So, to kick off this amazing space where our TEDxSMU community can connect online, I hope you enjoy the ideas that are already represented here through the speakers, bloggers, opinions and community members, and I hope that you will join in on the conversation and voice your opinion.