Project 24: The Jared Williams Story

Published March 28, 2011 by Jeff Hinson

This channel is dedicated to Jared Williams, his family and the people who contributed time, money,expertise and effort towards helping Jared and his family.  We summarize five points worth considering:

First, we ask those who contributed to this effort to tell your story by responding to this article or others on the channel, or emailing if you wish to go more in depth.

Second, we ask that you share this channel with as many people as possible. 

Third, we ask that you identify other students and families who are in need and go help them.  Use this story as a call to action to start your own project 24.

Fourth, remember that there is a young man who was paralyzed on the one-year anniversary of Jared's injury.  Deondre Preston attends Molina High School.

Finally, remember that while a house and van have improved the Williams' quality of life immensely, their life will forever be challenging.  Consider taking the time to do something to help them throughout the year as we are reminded of the old saying, many hands make light work.