YouPlusDallas Exclusive Interview: Dennis Quaid

Star of the new movie "Soul Surfer"

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The new film “Soul Surfer” screened at the 2011 Dallas International Film Festival, and YouPlusDallas host Hilary Kennedy nabbed an interview with a star of the film, Dennis Quaid. Portraying the role of surfer Bethany Hamilton’s father, Mr. Quaid tells us how Ms. Hamilton's true story inspired him. When asked to play her father, he said there was no hesitation on his part. 

Bethany Hamilton's entire family was involved in the film, coming together to help tell her story and her triumph. Mr. Quaid was enthusiastic about his role as well as the opportunity to get to know the Hamilton family; although, it sounds like golf is not his game.

When asked about his take on the film, Mr. Quaid responded, "Bring some tissues, because there's some tears, but tears of triumph - like at the Olympics. Life is good. That's the message [of "Soul Surfer"] if there is one." 

You can catch "Soul Surfers" in theaters coming out Friday April 8. We recommend this one for the entire family to go see.

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