YouPlusDallas Blooper Reel 2011

Behind the scenes at YouPlusDallas

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At YouPlusDallas, we may seem to keep it together on camera, but we definitely have our moments (some of us more than others – we’re looking at you Hilary Kennedy, Jonathan Nickerson and Laura Stillo). Remember that time Nickerson went to ComicCon and checked out the (only) hot babe present on the geeky premises? Or the time Hilary stealthily hosted our coverage of the Dallas International Film Festival? Or when Laura had serious diction issues covering SXSW? Sure, we may look polished in our edited videos, but man, does it take us a while to get it right. We’re prone to multiple takes, and we enjoy a good ‘that’s what she said’ joke just as much as the rest of you. Here’s a look back at some of our funniest, most random outtakes of 2011. 

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