Who ate the first In-N-Out Burger in Texas?

In-N-Out Burger Opens in Frisco, Texas

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In early 2010, the future In-N-Out (not In and Out) burger locations in Texas were kept in a secret vault.  On May 10, 2011 a radio personality by the name of G Spook from K104-FM Dallas made history at 8:45 AM by taking the first bite of the first In-N-Out burger to be produced in Texas. 

In-N-Out Burger, a California-based chain with a cult-like following can be expected to intensify the local battle for burger supremacy in North Texas. Whataburger and Fuddruckers have met their match today in Frisco, while the beef-and-bun foodie in all of us rejoices for this wonderful new addition to our burger circuit. 

There are only four food items on the In-N-Out menu: Hamburger, Cheeseburger, Double-Double and French Fries.  What will G Spook order?

Will it be as good as his last In-N-Out experience?

We think it is perfect that a guy named G Spook has chomped his way into food establishment history.   

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