Walk The Line

Dabney Ranch

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The notorious Texas summertime heat coupled with the ever-increasing Dallas traffic can drive almost anyone to seek out cooler temperatures and quieter moments. Texan Brandon Carmichael had finally reached his boiling point this summer, so he headed up to the Colorado Rockies with his father to find much-needed temperature lows in the 40's. It wasn't all R&R, however. 

The Carmichaels worked to prep the long-standing Dabney Ranch by walking the Property Line. When trying to keep horses in and free range cattle (not to mention other more carnivorous wildlife) out, keeping the fence line in good repair is of utmost importance. The sweet relief of ranch life didn't last long; this short trip lasted less than 48 hours. But the Carmichaels know all too well when returning to triple-digit temps, the solitude of the continental divide makes it all worth it.


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