Vogel Alcove: Shantia's Story

Child care center providing developmental, social, and health services to children from homeless families

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Founded in 1987, Vogel Alcove has become an indespensible Dallas service organization that provides loving child care to kids from homeless families. While the parents might be looking for work, going to school, or getting training for a fresh start, Vogel Alcove takes in their young children (ages six months to five years old). Vogel's superb staff provides services like quality childcare and educational enrichment activities; screening for developmental delays; play, speech, physical, and occupational therapies; breakfast, lunch, and afternoon snacks; baby formula, diapers, wipes, and other childcare supplies; clothes and childcare supplies (free of charge) to Alcove families; adult therapy, family counseling, and parenting classes; access to Parkland Hospital's HOMES Van for healthcare.

Ask the staff of any of Dallas' 19 homeless shelters, and they will tell you how critical Vogel Alcove is to the homeless community. Especially in these difficult economic times, when even middle class families suddenly find themselves without a job and without a home, Vogel is an island of stability, giving small children world class care and a sense of normalcy. In this video, we meet a single mother named Shantia, who faced tremendous hardships but is now turning her life around with the help of Vogel Alcove.

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