Vogel Alcove: Lila's Story

Thanks to Dallas' premier child care facility, a single mom turns her life around

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Lila, a single mother of three, arrived in Dallas with no home and no job. A "perfect storm" of tough circumstances left this bubbly former cheerleader with no support system and a bleak future. But Lila is a woman of great faith, and one by one, things began to come together. This is her story.

A key component of Lila's journey back to self-sufficiency came in the extraordinary form of Vogel Alcove. Since 1987, Vogel has been educating and caring for the children of homeless families. Completely free of charge, Vogel takes kids from six months to five years old and offers them superior education, fine motor skill training, nutritious meals, medical screening, and a joyful, accepting environment. 

Vogel Alcove meets parents like Lila more than halfway, making their lives a little less hard and a little more manageable. Vogel Alcove is an environment of people who want to help; a safe haven for kids who have arrived in a certain situation through no fault of their own. Vogel Alcove gives kids the chance they deserve and provides parents with the opportunity to make things right. ï»¿

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