Vogel Alcove

Since 1987, Vogel Alcove has made high-quality care and nutrition available to homeless children

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Love, community, nutrition and education. Every child deserves the best, no matter what their circumstance. At Vogel Alcove, this idea becomes reality. 

The children who come to Vogel Alcove are homeless. Where they sleep at night may not be certain, but the brightness of their future absolutely can be. Every child receives the high-quality attention, nutrition and love that they deserve. Every child is special. Every child has different talents. Vogel Alcove provides the focus they need.

President and CEO Karen Hughes believes in the power of the relationship between the children and their teachers and the importance of knowing that a child is taken care of in all aspects of life. From a nutritional breakfast to diapers, from learning to read to medical care, Vogel Alcove takes care of everything. It's not just a safe place, but a place for children to learn the self-help skills they need in life. 

Vogel Alcove gets kids back on track and connects them to the community. But most importantly, Vogel Alcove is a family.  

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