"Validation" by Kurt Kuenne

Have you complimented someone today?

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What happens if people in Dallas who work at parking lots, post offices, city and state government went out of their way to make the people whom they serve feel good? 

With his simple charm, parking lot attendant Howard Newman transforms a routine parking transaction into a meaningful, uplifting moment through a simple comment straight from the heart and without any expectations.  Validation is about a caring guy who takes the initiative to make people happy by complimenting each person who presents their parking ticket for validation.  The effect is immediate as people queue up to validate their tickets because of Newman’s ability to make people smile. 

 Along the way, Newman meets his match when he encounters Victoria, a driver's license photographer in charge of taking pictures at the local Department of Motorized Vehicles.  Despite his earnest efforts, Victoria will not smile, setting off a series of events that affects them both.   Kurt Kuenne’s short film has been viewed over 5.5 million times on YouTube.

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