Upstart Production's The Violet Hour

Choices have consequences, and sometimes you must take the leap not knowing if it's safe


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April 1st, 1919 - A young, independent Manhattan publisher must choose between the works of two authors. One is a sprawling manuscript written by an erratic, but brilliant, college friend whose future with an enchanting heiress rests on its publication. The other is the memoirs of the publisher’s own secret love, a popular black jazz singer.  His dilemma is further complicated when a mysterious machine arrives in the office anteroom and begins spewing reams of pages from never-before-published books that reveal haunting details about their very lives and relationships.  Richard Greenberg, the 2003 Tony Award-winning author of Take me Out and the 1998 Pulitzer-nominated Three Days of Rain, gives us a colorful and touching exploration of the ever-changing nature of history and the individual’s desire to leave a lasting mark on its pages, in that uncertain moment between dusk and sunset known as The Violet Hour.

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