The Fickle by Brian Poyser

The USA Character Project

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The Fickle, directed by Bryan Poyser, takes a rapid look through one womans series of relationships.  This woman, as noted by the title, is very fickle.  We see her in the pursuit of the Perfect Man, and how their critical flaws dampen her affection for them.  In some cases, we understand her not walking but running away from the relationship.  However, in the end, we start to see that the critical flaw isn't in the men she's dating, but in herself.  Her unwillingness to comprimise even a little in order to have a long, fulfilling relationship.

Perhaps you've met this character, the person always looking for the better deal, never quite satisfied with what they have.  Always seeing flaws in others, and never willing to accept them into their life.  Ironically, they then complain that they would give anything to have a relationship, family, or life like others do.

"The Fickle" is one of the USA Networks Character Project videos inspired by their "Characters Welcome" brand.

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