The Big Empty

Reality Bites as Dallas Watches

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Given the number of well-known behind and in front of the camera, someone had a lot of stroke convincing really good actors to participate in a plot that is totally absurd. The Big Empty is about a woman (Blair) who complains about feeling pains inside. After seeing many doctors, and suffering through contradictory diagnoses, a doctor (Elias Koteas) is sucked up inside Blair through her vagina while he's performing a gynecological exam.  Inside, he discovers a vast world--a barren and cold wasteland. Amazed, the specialist  takes Alice on tour to show the world how empty she is. But Alice still hurts...that is until one person comes along.  The film is about loneliness and pain--that is where the surreal and metaphorical aspects of the film come into play. This all comes to the forefront when an earnest member of the TV audience crawls inside and appears to be lost.  The plot is strange to say the least, but it is a work worth viewing.

While the world is fascinated with exploring this vast emptiness that defies logic and physics, all she wants is for her emptiness to be filled, her ache taken away.  Our society has become like this video.  We're interested in people problems, and watch them as entertainment and as a curiosity.  But sometimes we forget to address the person, see beyond the problem, and fill the emptiness many of us often feel.

Directed by Lisa Chang and Thomas Sigel

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