The 2011 Dallas Mayoral Runoff Election

Which candidate is equipped to face the city's budget?

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It is the final lap of the 2011 Dallas Mayoral Runoff Election. Final voting day is June 18th, and the two candidates stand firm with their platforms and agendas, except at least for the city's budget. According to Sam Merten, formerly of the Dallas Observer, the issue of the city budget is a 500-pound gorilla none of the candidates can look straight in the eye.

The citizens of Dallas are concerned about their pocket books, and for good reason. The city faces some tough decisions when it comes to its initiatives and its purse strings, and nobody wants to see their area of interest crippled or their taxes raised. Everyone is hoping the next mayoral elect will see to that. Sam reminds us that we need to stop looking for Superman. The next mayoral elect will still be one man with one vote on city council. 

Here are the positions of the last standing mayoral candidates from Merten's perspective:

Mike Rawlings: The Front Runner

David Kunkle: The Outsider

Whichever candidate is elected, Dallas residents will still face tough decisions when it comes to the city budget and everyone will have to pitch in if we wish to move past this difficult economic time for the city.

To see more of the candidates' platforms and initiatives, visit our Faith and Public Policy forum, where the candidates address issues of faith, education, homelessness and hunger.

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