Tailgating Turkey - GameDayWatching's JJ's Corner

Here is a sneak peak of J.J.'s Corner, just one of many great weekly shows that Game Day Watching is rolling out. Game Day Watching is show for the fans by fans, where we can all come together to celebrate the things we love -- Sports and Comedy.

Thanksgiving is a glorious time. When it all boils down to it, no one remembers who gave who smallpox blankets or what happens when you mix fish with corn seeds. Thanksgiving is about one thing -- Food...and maybe a little football. It was our dream at Game Day Watching to create the most incredible Thanksgiving Tailgate Turkey stuffed with the foods we love most. What we got was something else entirely. Part food porn, part horror movie, we present to you the Game Day Watching Tailgate Turkey. [Please excuse any children from the room now]

Game Day Watching will launch a number of different shows -- from girl on girl competitions to satire skits revolving around sports -- so be sure to check back for more ridiculous clips at GameDayWatching.com or right here on our YouTube channel

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