Stephan Pyles Restaurant Revitalizes Fine Downtown Dallas Cuisine

A pioneer blends his French culinary skills with his robust Texas tastes

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Stephan Pyles is a well-known chef and pioneer of fine American cuisine. Traditionally a musician, Stephan understands the need for harmony and balance, but also how to be bold and exciting at all the right moments. The Stephan Pyles Restaurant in Downtown Dallas is a direct reflection of all these elements, from the food to the atmosphere. 

Stephan blends his classic French training with his love for traditional Texas ingredients. The result is something both familiar and new. Stephan calls the dining experience at his restaurant "eclectic" as his dishes meld exquisite French presentation with Southwestern flavor, without becoming beholden to any one particular style other than refined.

The dining experience itself is much like Stephan's cooking, delightful and unexpected. There is a communal table, a ceviche bar, a private dining room with it's own kitchen, a wine room with private party seating and many other nooks and crannies to keep the ambience of the meal exclusive and unique. 

Stephan Pyles restaurant is a large part of the mission to revitalize Downtown Dallas by its food as well as its alluring atmosphere. 

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