Self Destruct by Eric Hinson

This Short Film Features Contributions by Salomon Ligthelm

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We always enjoy any short film or video that Salomon Ligthelm is involved with. We came across this interesting work directed by Eric Hinson.  The theme is about death, but in this work, there is no funeral, no mourning, no sadness at all. In fact, it’s the beginning of life more fully than you’ve ever known it. This death…is the death of self.

"Self Destruct" is a personal project designed to depict the issue of death to self from a Christian viewpoint. According to his post on Vimeo, Hinson wanted to see this raw tension between darkness and light come to life.  

*Semi-Finalist at the Transforming Stories Christian film festival*

We have showcased several works of Salomon Ligthelm's and we like to also showcase works that Ligthelm contributes to.  You can go here to view an interview with Ligthem.  Hinson thanks Jonathan Rios, Dan Stevers, Salomon Ligthelm, Rickard Bengtsson, danDifelice, God and all the 7D shooters out there for the inspiration.

Team Self Destructs Mission:  Die to Self, Live for Christ (Romans 6:11).

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