Second Glances

An artistic loner struggles to make the connection with a mysterious guitar playing woman.

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David (Taylor Brandt) is an artistic loner, stuck in an unfulfilling job with an abusive boss (Matt Socia), and unappreciated by his co-workers.  He notices a second glance by a woman (Tamara Voss) playing her guitar in the park.  David becomes inspired to risk everything to find her again and take that second chance for happiness.

If you've been around You+Dallas for a while, you'll notice a lot of familiar names in connection with this 168 Hour Film Project submission.  Chris Wiegand, Josh Spake, Matt Socia, Brandon Carmichael, Laura Stillo and many others filmed and produced this short story in only a week.  Out of 89 other submissions, "Second Glances" recieved two awards: Best Editting and Best Sound Design. Congratulations everyone!

For more behind the scenes details about filming of "Second Glances", see the writeup and interviews by our own Laura Stillo on our Arts & Entertainment blog!

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