Sam Fuller

South Side artist creates sexy, musical drawings full of color

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940 x 528
705 x 396
470 x 264
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From his studio in South Side on Lamar, Sam Fuller creates fluid, energetic works of art celebrating women, jazz, sports and more. 

His greatest wish? To reunite with son whom he hasn't seen in seventeen years. That's why he signs every painting with his son's name alongside his own. From that, four guys from the MTV show, The Buried Life, sought out Fuller to help him in his quest for his long lost son. Overtime, Fuller's wish was granted. The father and son visit each other in Baton Rouge and Dallas. 

Fuller's focus ranges from religion to jazz, women to sports; anything that reflects his personal life. Despite his natural talent, he resisted becoming a full-blown artist for years, but in the last ten years or so he finally succumbed (lucky us). The passion originally came from his dedication to his son and he gives that passion back by signing their names together every time: Sam Fuller Jr. and Laban. ï»¿

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