Record Breaking Snow Storms in Dallas

The Snow Storm of February 11, 2010 Revisited

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This year, snow and ice closed both DFW Airport and Love Field, schools and businesses, and delayed, postponed or canceled Super Bowl festivities.  While we all anticipated major logistical challenges in Downtown Dallas, particularly near the Super Bowl Media Center headquartered at the Sheraton Hotel, the weather turned downtown Dallas into a ghost town.

One year ago today at the start of the 2010 NBA All-Star Weekend, the Dallas/Ft. Worth area received a recond breaking 10 inches of snow. Similar to this year, DFW Airport shut down just as tens of thousands of fans and players were scheduled to come in. 

We commemorate the one-year anniversary of the record breaking snow storm with this piece shot mainly in Downtown Dallas.  Except for banners and the blue lights at night, the scene downtown was very similar to what we experienced leading up to the Super Bowl.  Our own Hilary Kennedy takes us back to last year, and the great snow fall of 2010.

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