Quiet Signs of Love by Ikon Film

Hear Me, Feel Me, See Me

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Life is much easier when you have complete command of all of your faculties. But what happens if you don’t? What would living in Dallas be like if you could not speak or hear? What would your world be like? Would you fit in?

Quiet Signs of Love provides us with a window into the world of deafness through a beautiful love story. This story features two young college students; one deaf (Bethany Robinson) and one hearing (Matt Greenlaw) and how a relationship develops despite their differences. This story is beautifully displays the range of human emotions that these two young people have toward one another as they attempt to overcome the preconceptions toward deaf people.

We appreciated Bethany’s role in this story and happily, we have an opportunity to get to know her through an interview she gives here.

We like this story for a number of reasons, but we are impressed that it was commissioned to showcase the important role the National Relay Service in Australia plays in the lives of deaf Australians through an internet relay, a phone solution for people who are deaf or hearing impaired. They could have just as easily created a boring how to video or some talking head video. Instead, they cleverly incorporated the relay service into a beautiful love story.

There is a Part II of Quiet Signs of Love and worth the view. The film was written and directed by Yannis Nikolakopoulos (Ikonfilm) who also collaborated with Brett Williams (of The Choirboys) on the vibetrack - a soundtrack that focuses on vibrations for deaf audiences.

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