Project 24: The Jared Williams Story, Episode 3

The Movement

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We want you to close your eyes and imagine that you are Jared’s mother. You have friends keep your daughter while you are at the hospital. You keep vigil at the hospital, which means you can’t work. The landlord threatens to kick you out of your home because you cannot pay the rent. Once home, the halls are not suited to handle a wheel chair. Imagine what it is like to transport Jared in a normal vehicle. What are your options?


We are impressed with several aspects of this episode. First, the Williams family maintained strong faith throughout this period even though it would have been easy to doubt. We see a common thread in Principal Norma Villegas, whose strong faith guided her. Second, we see student leaders at Pinkston High School and Principal Villegas begin to formulate Project 24. Finally, we see the spirit of the Pinkston High School students as they begin a fundraising effort throughout DISD 24 cents at a time.

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