Project 24: Episode 2 of the Jared Williams Story

By Faith and Determination, Project 24 is Launched

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In Episode 2,  Jared Williams, the Pinkston High School defensive back paralyzed in a football injury and his mother confront the emotional, physical and financial reality of life following the injury.  While Jared's friends and classmates at Pinkston High School felt deeply about what had happened to him, it would have been easy for them to slip back into their daily routine.  These students could have looked the other way because they did not have the kind of money needed to truly help the Williams. But they did not walk away. 

Episode 2 chronicles the formation of Project 24.  First, we learn how Pinkston High School Principal Norma Villegas' faith in God and determination played a key part in creating Project 24.  In this episode, we begin to understand the severity of the family situation.  Noone is quite prepared to handle the human and financial stress this accident placed on Ms. Williams. 

We are impressed with the heart and leadership of several Pinkston High School seniors who played a key role in launching Project 24.  We admire people who are doers and praise the Pinkston High School students for getting behind the effort.

There are so many people who have been touched by this story, and we invite you to tell your story in the discussion box below.  How did you first learn about Jared?  What is it about this situation that motivated you to help?   

Episode three will air on March 1st, 2011.

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