You+Dallas - Drew Waters

Actor Drew Waters of the NBC hit “Friday Night Lights” is passionate about his craft

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Most of you have watched at least one episode of the hit television series, Friday Night LIghts.  Drew Waters has played the role of head football coach of Dillon High School when Coach Taylor moved over to coach East Dillon High School.  While it is cool to play along side actors Kyle Chander and Connie Britton, it took years, alot of effort and soul searching to achieve what he has today.   

Drew Waters has found his passion. His challenge? Find yours. What makes you happiest in life? Drew recommends getting over your fears and finding adventure in the unknown. In this video’s peaceful setting, lush green trees, bales of hay, and railroad tracks populate the land. Drew’s hometown of Orange, Texas, where refineries and land are plentiful, is uniquely different from his now fast-moving Hollywood scene.
Growing up, Drew played football in high school, and upon graduation, he realized he wanted to get away and go see the world. Drew believes small town life really sets your personal morals, and that it allowed him to find out who he is. Working since the age of twelve, and later serving in the military, his hard work has made him a very strong person.
Drew’s gorgeous face can work more than just a field plow. He has booked many modeling gigs, and graced the covers of Men’s Fitness, and The Essay Magazine. Upon filming a commercial in Tokyo, he completely fell in love will all aspects of film. He says this was quite a scary feeling because he had nothing to fall back on. Drew traveled thousands of miles to get in front of casting agents, and it paid off.
You+Dallas follows Drew Waters in his old red Chevy Truck with Texas plates kicking up dust on the open roads of his small town all the way to the bright Dallas skyline. At the Lakewood Theatre, Drew sits down and talks to us about a few clips from his resume like hit TV shows, Friday Night Lights and Breaking Bad. Acting has allowed Drew Waters to experience the world beyond his small town. According to him, the best feeling in the world is knowing exactly what you want to do.

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