Post-It Love by Si and Ad

Office Romance - One Post-it Note at a Time

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Admit it.  You once dated someone in your office, or you at least thought about it.  Men and women come together from 8-5, making Dallas office buildings and other work places fertile ground for dating in Dallas.

Post-It Love is about a girl who meets a boy in the office and they find a new way of expressing their affection. We like the fact that she took the courageous first step -creating a message using sticky notes even though there's a sign that says "Please use stationary for work purposes only".  Men normally miss the subtleties of romance, but in this case, posting in the men's bathroom should have sealed the deal.

No words are actually spoken but the message is clear.

The reaction to this piece has been predominently positive because it is a cute film and as one person commented, "Why doesn't real life work like this?".  Some have taken a negative view such as this comment:  "And in the end they were both fired for wasting company owned stationary. Unemployed, unfunded and unhappy- the two turn to alcohol ...."  Oh well.  Post-It Love should make you smile. 

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