Planet Beach - A Contempo Spa

Teeth Whitening, Sauna, Full-Body Massage, Tanning & Weightloss All in One Place!

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We know, it sounds too good to be true, but the reality of Planet Beach - A Contempo Spa actually exceeded our expactations! Join YouPlusMedia's Hilary Kennedy and Sarah Beauregard as they enjoy a day at the spa like never before. Emily Shayes, Spa Director, narrates all the amenities of "a contempo spa." This is a fabulously unique Dallas experience thanks to the Planet Beach's desire to create something more than just another tanning salon.

It is the automated day spa, which takes the traditional day spa to a whole new level. Members come here to lose weight, reduce cellulite, tan, get their teeth whitened, for facials, for massages and, of course, nutrition. The wonderful staff help their members set up a weekly regime at the spa and at home with Planet Beach's organic products.

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