Pass The Bucket by Eliot Rausch

Surrender Yourself

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Tony Alva was considered one of the most influential skateboarders of all time. An orginal Z-Boy, Tony has battled alcohol and drug addiction and as he hit bottom, he began to understand the fleeting nature of “illusional wealth”. Each of us has at some point indulged too much in material things, eaten too much food and drunk too much alcohol. Many of us in Dallas have been able to overcome the pitfalls that comes from these issues and have maintained our position in life.

Alva did not fare as well. But in the course of hitting bottom, he began to understand his lot in life – something he calls “a spiritual malady”. In his efforts to get his act together, he has embraced God, and has changed his entire outlook on life. He now dedicates his life to helping disadvantaged youth – for free. His point is that he would rather give than receive. Sound familiar?

Eliot Rausch is one of our favorite Directors because he captures the moment, the situation and plight of people, up close and personal.

Directed & Edited by Eliot Rausch
Director of Photography: Lukas Korver

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