Definitely Dallas! Experience The Texas Motor Speedway

YouPlusMedia Presents the NASCAR Driving Experience

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How many people from out of town or from DFW know that you can ride in a NASCAR race car?  You can at the Texas Motor Speedway.   

At NASCAR Racing Experience, you can drive a real NASCAR race car from some of NASCAR's greatest stars.  The Texas Motor Speedway fleet consists of the actual race cars that have been driven by current NASCAR drivers including 3-time, NASCAR Champion Jimmie Johnson, Dale Jr, Jeff Gordon and others NASCAR favorites. 

The YouPlusMedia production team, Luke Boney, Andrew Holzschuh and editor Ronnie Rucker, created a great story that certainly answers the question, “Why would I go to the Texas Motor Speedway when a race is not going on?”.   Holzschuh traveled with a group eager to satisfy their "need for speed", and the video team captured what it would be like to race on one of the best motor speedways in the country.

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