Lectio Divina

by Eliu Cornielle

Lectio Divina is a Latin phrase meaning "Reading of the Divine".  It is a phrase used in the Catholic Church as part of the life of prayer for meaningful reading of the Word of God.  Lectio Divina is one of the four pillars of prayer, the others being Meditatio (to meditate), Oratio (to talk/pray), and Compemplatio (to comtemplate). 

The people in this video are having a crisis of faith.  They don't feel the connection with God.  They are subject to peer pressure about their faith from people around them.  Some just don't understand how to listen to God despite his constant presence.  So Eliu goes back to the basics found in Catholic and Jesuit traditions and provides some guidance.  

Lectio Divina: Read the divine scripture.  This isn't a speed reading test, take your time.  Drink in each phrase, every moment.  Feel for parts that have specific meaning for you.

Meditatio:  Open your mind to what you have read.  Feel the truth of the Word.  Make it part of you.

Oratio: Open yourself up to prayer.  Ask to receive God's Word into your life.

Comteplatio: Think about the Word.  How it reflects your life.  How can you change your life to be more in line with God's plan for you.

Eliu adds another word:  Action.  Become a living instrument of God's Word. Show people what being a Christian means by following through on what God wants for you.  Become a living witness, and share God's love to others.

As you watch, you can also see the inspiration of Salomon Ligthelm in the video.

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