"Last Minutes with ODEN" by Eliot Rausch

Faith, a Dog, and the Less Fortunate

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This week, we present to our Dallas audience a short film about a dog named Oden.  Oden was dying of cancer, and talented film maker Eliot Rausch  documents Oden’s final moments.  This short film is graphic and uncensored, so you must prepare yourself to get up close and personal as Oden is euthanized on camera.  

Last Minutes With Oden is a raw, deeply personal first-hand account of unconditional love and support that a three-legged dog brought to others who were struggling with a variety of issues.    And this is the real story.  Oden unconditionally comforted people who were hurting despite his own pain.  Oden served a vital purpose in this world and he did it well.  

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