Lamar Odom and Commitment

Equinox Trainer Megan Bursey gives her opinion on Odom's rough season with the Dallas Mavericks

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Commitment is more than just deciding to do something; it is also about following through with that decision.  Lamar Odom is an example of someone who needs to rethink his commitments.  When he became a professional basketball player he made a commitment to his team and his fans to give the best he could each and every game. 

The fans and the franchises depend on their players to perform at the level at which they were recruited or drafted. Excluding injuries, this is usually a fair expectation.

When one player begins to allow outside influences to affect their performance, their true commitment to the game is tested. In the case of Odom's time with the Dallas Mavericks, it is clear that he allowed outside influences and/or his personal agenda to cloud his judgment and commitment to the game.

Perhaps he should rethink where his priorities lie. They are certainly not on the basketball court.  

Read more about commitment in Bursey's YouPlusDallas Sports blog and listen in to her thoughts on Tim Tebow and former teammate Brady Quinn

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