Joanna Weaver - A Relationship With God

Awakening the Lazarus in all of us

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On this Good Friday, we think about the meaning that comes with the relationship one has with God. Joanna Weaver, author, speaker, wife and proud mother, shares her perspective on understanding from the positions of Mary, Martha and Lazarus and their unique relationships with Jesus Christ. 

When we ask the question "Why God...?" In the face of death, poverty, war and despair, Mrs. Weaver challenges everyone to see and understand that we do not walk in paradise. However; like Lazarus, Christ is there for us when we need him most. God gave us this world to make of it what we will. By devoting ourselves to Him like Mary, the Martha in all of us will serve as Christ calls us to, following in His footsteps. 

Joanna Weaver distills some of the most intimate relationships Jesus had during his lifetime - establishing the relationship between each person and Christ, beyond the religion. 

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