Into Life

By Chris Schoenmaker

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Chris Schoenmaker was kind enough to provide us with a story describing his work, Into Life.  “Into Life was originally created for the Young Adults department at my Church ( It was played at the beginning of the year to set the theme and the focus for the year.  The piece was inspired by Matt 5:14-16 (MSG). I sought to build the script around these verses.

 What I attempted to communicate through the piece was that we as Christians hold the key to life, the message of the Gospel, and yet so often many of us get so caught up and wrapped up in worldly pursuits that we neglect to deliver this good news to the world around us. Rather than stand out we often conceal our Faith and live lives that look very much like everyone else. We essentially keep ourselves hidden in the darkness when we're called to stand out and let our light shine before others. We're not to be apathetic nor are we to live separate from the world but rather we're called to be active participants in the expansion of GOD's Kingdom. We need to reach out to others with the love, grace and forgiveness that is in Christ.

 The video was split into two contrasting sections. In the first section I attempted to depict the darkness that we often hide in so I used low light, dark colours and hid the actors faces. In the second section I wanted to emphasise how powerful, beautiful and noticeable the Gospel message is so I used a lot of light and the actors wore white. I also used a smoke machine and an industrial fan to make the scene look more dynamic. I used graphic overlay throughout to add visual interest and emphasise some of the key words contained in the narrative. I gained a lot of my visual inspiration for this piece from the brilliant work of Salomon Lightelm.”



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