Friends of Wednesday Child

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One out of every 207 children in North Texas is a foster child. The need for assistance is ever increasing. After being removed from their homes due to abuse and/or neglect, foster children often have to start their lives over in a new place at a young age. Friends of Wednesday’s Child steps in to help make their new life in foster care a productive, nurturing experience, and to ensure that their needs are met. Friends of Wednesday’s Child fulfills the specific needs of North Texas foster children when no one else can or will so they are able to have as normal a childhood as possible bringing hope and healing to those children in foster care so they can overcome pasts of abuse and neglect.

YouPlus Media teamed up with one of their key sponsors the Ryan Foundation to produce a video that showcases the 31st Annual Friends of Wednesday’s Child Golf Classic at the incredible Tribute and Old American Golf Courses with celebrity guests like Timmy Newsome, Mike Renfro, and Bill Bates. The event helps raise funds to help those children claim futures as confident, independent members of the community. YouPlus Media is proud to help organizations that change the lives of children in this world for the better.

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