'Forever's Not So Long' by Garrett Murray

The end of the world is the perfect time to lose everything

Picture yourself living in Dallas and you learn on Channel 11 that in four hours, Downtown Dallas will be epicenter of a massive meteor strike.   

Would you reach out to anyone, even if they were a complete stranger?  Would you finally be completely honest with someone, knowing you no longer had anything else to lose? Forever’s Not So Long is set in New York City, but for the moment, imagine yourself in that situation.  How would you want it to work out?

The actor in this acclaimed short film probably responds to the situation differently than most.  Under different circumstances, would this woman ever have given him another thought?

Written & Directed by Shawn Morrison.

Produced by Garrett Murray.
Starring Garrett Murray and Marielena Logsdon.
With Debbie Friedman and Matt Urban as The Anchor.
Original music by Robert Andersen.

Grand Jury Prize Winner: 1 Reel Film Festival
Audience Choice Award Winner: DC Shorts Film Festival
Best Short Nominee: Hoboken International Film Festival
Official Selection: Flickerings Film Showcase, Great Oak Film Festival, Tumblr Reblog This Film Festival

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